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Fabric Care Instructions

Eco- fibres are the raw materials used to manufacture fabrics without using nasty herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or fungicides that can seriously harm our health when they are in contact with our skin. Organic fabrics are more resistant to mildew and many of them are hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.  

To keep your clothes looking as good as new, please follow the below tips. Your clothes will last longer with regular cleaning and care. 

Don't use plastic. Please, do not store clothes in plastic bags. Plastic traps in moisture/ humidity and could potentially lead to mildew damage and mostly odour. Organic fabrics need to breathe, so wrap your garments in a breathable cloth bag to keep them nice and safe. 

Hang your garments safely in the closet. If possible, use padded hangers for delicate fabrics (i.e. cactus silk, soy, etc) so the organic material doesn't over stretch, tear or wear out. Always hang coats, blazers and shirts on wide hangers to help them keep their natural shape. 

Please, don't try it at home! If your garment shows "dry clean only," there's a reason for it. Please, do not try it at home, it might discolour the fabric, break or loose buttons and easily wear out the garment. Always take your clothes to a professional dry cleaner. We strongly recommend ecological dry cleaners.

Always wash your garment inside-out. The outside is obviously the most important part of the garment. We use semi-crystals and mother-of –pearl buttons in our garments- all of them sewn by hand. By simply washing the garment inside-out you will avoid to snag away buttons and tangle other appliqués that embellish the garment. 

Don’t use any type of bleach. It will discolour the natural colour of the fabric.

Be extra careful. Moisturisers, make- up, body lotions (i.e. fake tan) and sunscreens can fade or stain your clothes for ever.

Always wash in cold water. Even when the label shows 30°C max, we always recommend using cold water.  Leather buttons will always fade in colour if washed over 30°C.  Washing your garments with cold water will not damage the organic fibres, will keep the appliqués in a good condition and is its better for the environment. Hot water will always wears out your garment faster. 

Espadrilles and Fabric Care

To clean your Espadrilles, wipe each shoe with a dry cotton cloth to remove as much loose dirt as you can. Using and old toothbrush, dip the end of your toothbrush into the soapy water, then gently scrub the jute soles only, making sure to get all of the dirt out of the cracks between the cord. Rinse off the soap with a cotton cloth slightly dampened with lukewarm water. Let shoes air dry.


Please see The International Care Symbols we have used in our labels: International Care Symbols 

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